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Portfolio Waterfall

How income streams evaporate to a trickle.

Don’t let your retirement suffer from:

The Portfolio Waterfall™ Solution

New life is discovered when money flows across your portfolio creating a waterfall effect.

* Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Guard your income from volatile markets

Taking withdrawal when the market is down can wreck your portfolio. Your income will be limited to 3-4% of your portfolio value.

 Position your portfolio for more growth opportunities

Your rate of return increases when capital gains, dividends, and interest waterfall into a safe account of income withdrawals.

 Reduce the risk of running out of money

Taking income from a stable account that is replenished by your portfolio waterfall reduces the risk of running out of money.

Annual Income Withdrawal Amounts

How the Portfolio Waterfall™ is Built

The PW strategy is built by investing in Growth, Growth and Income, Alternative, Core Bonds, and Cash Equivalent funds. Seven asset classes are used which gives you the ability to have money flowing into your income account during both bull and bear markets.


Equity funds that offer consistent capital gains not just the higher 10 year average.

Growth & Income

Equity funds that produce consistent dividends along with a history of capital gains.


Non-Correlated assets that produce consistent capital gains or income.

Core Bond

High quality bond holdings with solid income yield with minimal interest rate risk.

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